Anything posted that isn’t a Nubilus or Lycaon will be here. As new models become popular enough they will get their own pages.

The first Isle Royale, with Oregon Maple Burl handles.

Original on the bottom, just over 5″ blade. I’m calling these Isle Royale Alphas. The lower one is the original, the upper is what it evolved into after a bunch of feedback. I plan to make these from CPM154 as kitchen knives. Both of these were made for myself and have simple belt finishes and no little extras like I usually include on customer knives. The lower already shows some patina from use. I’ve been using the upper for a couple days now and am loving it in the kitchen.

Reshoot of the g10 handled chef’s knife

Reshoot of the g10 handled chef’s knife

Reshoot of the box elder chef’s knife.

Reshoot of the box elder chef’s knife

Left to right: G10, dyed maple burl and box elder burl.

Black G10 handle on a chef’s knife

Lousy image, beautiful knives.

Curved Knives

Curves, my favorite general purpose knife

Simple Shadow knife

The original Simple Shadow

Simple Shadow Two

The second Simple Shadow – Semper Fi

Mini Santoku

A miniature Santoku with burl handle

Medic's Knife

My second sale, sheep’s foot with cordwrap

Elegant Kitchen knife

One of my kitchen knives

Cord wrapped hunting knife

Another early knife. The first one I sold.

Skinning knife

The Cub

Angled Hunter

Angled Hunter Cord Wrap

3 thoughts on “Others

  1. Hey,

    I remember that red handle knife you had as your profile pic on ARFcom.

    Do you have those for sale, if so what price?

    I loved that knife. I’m in CT also. Want to get one for my birthday in July.

    • That was the original Lycaon. I can certainly do another like it. The general design is one of my most popular. That particular unit was single sided grind, I’ve started doing some like it as double sided grinds as I’m sure you saw on the site, but those are primarily full height grinds. I’m also starting some in CPM154 but I’m not sure when they’ll be ready at this point. July should be safe, but I wouldn’t want to promise yet.
      In 3/16″ 1080 with G10 and stainless pins and tubing it would be $125. With mosaic for the pins it’s $140.
      Just let me know. I don’t require a deposit unless someone requests something exotic where if they back out I’m going to be stuck with an expensive item I can’t sell.