I’ve had a number of folks contact me just to ask about pricing.

Obviously, pricing varies depending on the materials and specifics of each knife but the following should give you a general idea of where I am at in the knife pricing scale. In both cases it includes the sheath and a standard clip/loop/chain… More expensive options or multiple options are charged accordingly, but usually just “at cost” for things like that. I’m selling you the knife, if you happen to want a Tek-Lok instead of a kydex loop I just charge the difference in material costs rather than making an additional profit on the fancier belt clip.

Lycaon in 1080 steel with G10 or Micarta handle and mosaic – $140

Shadow Lycaon Three

Lycaon with mosaic and thong tube.

Nubilus in 1084 steel with G10 or Micarta handle and mosaic – $125

Another Necker Nubilus

A typical Nubilus

Kitchen Knives are a bit different, since I am not producing the blades. I currently use two different blades, both in AUS8 steel and the price for the finished knife is the same.

Germanic Chef’s Knife or Santoku with burl wood handle and mosaic pins – $150
Germanic Chef’s Knife or Santoku with G10 handle and mosaic pins – $100

Full length box elder chef’s knife

I am going to be starting to work in stainless soon. The current plan is to start grinding CPM154 blades by early April and sending them out for heat treating by the end of the month. That means nothing back and ready for sale until sometime in May. It’s possible to speed that up, but the extra cost for a single blade being sent for heat treating will significantly increase the price. I haven’t set base prices for Lycaons or Nubilus in stainless but expect it will be around $25 higher per knife. Sending one or two blades out early rather than in the full batch will probably add roughly another $25 due to the higher costs per blade. If I can consolidate a bit to send out four or five I would pass that savings along, but it still increases the cost per blade for me compared to a large batch and I have to charge accordingly.