Kitchen Knives

My current project is a batch of kitchen knives. These are commercially produced blades that I’ve found to be excellent. I then finish them and give them beautiful handles to create a knife that anyone would be proud to own. Handle materials range from simple elegance to bold and eye catching.

The reason I’m posting is to remind folks that if they have specific preferences I need to know ahead of time. Otherwise you can choose from what I finish and it’s first come first served. Right now the planned options are a mix of mid sized santokus and full size germanic chef’s knives. The germanic pattern is the traditional spear point style most caucasians think of as a chef’s knife. Santokus are the Japanese design with a tall blade that does not taper much and tends to have less of a curve to the edge. They generally have a much more blunt tip shape, though the exact style varies a great deal. The traditional design has a nearly straight edge at a very fine angle, making them excellent slicers, dicers and mincers. For someone used to the rocking motion of germanic knives it takes some getting used to, but can be very efficient.