Second CPM154 Nubilus

A change of pace for the Nubilus. So far all of them have been fairly thin grinds, fancy or otherwise special handles… This one goes for the other end of the spectrum, at least as far as it can without changing the whole design. Medium scotchbrite finish, scotchbrite eased edges along the spine and satin eased edges at the choil. The black linen micarta is a flat finish with some grip to it and uses stainless for the pin and tube. This is the Nubilus refined down to the bare essentials.

The grind is a bit beefier and there’s less of a distal taper, making this more suitable for heavy use than usual for this design. It’s still not a chisel or pry bar, but the tip is tougher and will handle more abuse.

The handle is darker than it appears here, the flat finish catches the direct sun in the linen and lightens up drastically.