Kershaw/Hinderer Cryo

Obviously the Cryo isn’t something I made, it’s a Rick Hinderer design that Kershaw is mass producing overseas using more economical materials. Folks not familiar with the Hinderer name might be familiar with the Zero Tolerance product line, which is essentially his designs in a factory production format. I’m not sure if he designed ALL of them and whether they’re factory versions of his handmade stuff or designs specifically made for production. Either way, the Cryo continues this curvy, sleek and functional lineage at a much lower price point, bringing this level of design to the masses.–Kershaw-Cryo-Spring-Assisted–11101

The frame and blade are a flat grey finish and very low key. This is a fairly small knife, perfect for not freaking out non knife people, though the very solid CLICK when you open the blade and it locks in place is going to have folks screaming “switchblade” instantly. The spring assist is integrated into the frame and pivot area and is quite strong, but does not activate until you’ve moved the blade well away from the closed position. This is not a knife you have to worry about having open by accident. It is still a flipper, and it’s possible you could bump that tab firmly enough to deploy the blade but that would be very extraordinary. I’d be more worried about having my pants pocket disintegrate from Kershaw’s very strong pocket clip. I’m still working on making mine loose enough to not require a pair of pliers to get over the folded edge on my jeans. I think I’ll just remove the clip, bend it slightly without having to worry about scratching up my new knife, then put it back on.

All in all, I think it’s an excellent EDC knife. No extra bulk, not overly long but not too short for most tasks. It’s not an ideal blade design for slicing hard fruits and veggies but should do as well as most folders like this. A traditional thin bladed folder is about ideal for that job and hard to beat at most other EDC folder tasks, it just doesn’t look as cool. Let’s face it, most of us rate that at least as highly as the pure utility aspect of our EDC knives.