Isle Royale Alpha Testing

I’ve been using the Alpha as a kitchen knife every day since I made it. I’m still very happy with it and the performance in general, the design seems to work quite well as a general purpose prep knife. About a week ago I finally noticed it wasn’t quite as razor sharp as it had been and today it finally actually felt like it needed sharpened. So nearly a month of use between touch ups for a personal kitchen knife, not bad. I hadn’t expected the relatively soft 1084 to go that long. I’ll touch it up on a stone this weekend and continue the testing.

The patina developed nicely and there’s been no issues with rust, but I’ve been very good about cleaning it off and drying it. No issues with the micarta or pins, not that I expected an but I’ve never used paper micarta on a knife I got wet regularly. I normally use linen or canvas micarta, or G10.

I’ll see about a pic of the patina this weekend after sharpening so folks unfamiliar with how carbon steel’s react over time when used this way can get a look.