Isle Royale Alpha

I whipped this up over the weekend to see how I like the design and because I wanted something just for me. She’s just over 10″ long out of 3/16″ 1080 with stabilized fiddleback jarrah handles. I consider this a prototype as well, since I have a few more rough profiled from CPM154 and this way I can play with it a bit before actually grinding them.

Since it’s obviously a scaled up Isle Royale I couldn’t come up with a compatible name and decided to just add Alpha to the original design’s name.

The first of a new design. Made for myself this time.

(added)The universal response seems to be that folks would use it in the kitchen. That wasn’t the original intent, but I admit that the first thing I used it for was cooking dinner just to play with it. I think I’ll accept that my original concept is not how anyone else sees this knife and tailor it a bit to the tasks folks DO see it being used for.
Thinner steel
Taken down to a very fine edge rather than a significant secondary bevel meant to provide strength when doing light chopping.
Shorter handle, also shaving off some of the lower section near the heel to provide extra clearance.
Shape the scales a bit differently. Bias toward a comfy pinch grip for starters.