Isle Royale Knives

–Preliminary pictures via cell phone, better images to come, along with sheaths and prices–

The Isle Royale is one of my new designs. Essentially it’s a Nubilus with a different blade profile. It’s very similar to the original blade flipped upside down, but not quite. I consider it a modified wharncliffe design suited for a wide variety of uses. These are roughly 8″ long overall.

Both of these are 1084 steel from Aldo Bruno, 1/8″ thick with 1/8″ thick scales. The pins are 1/8″ mosaic and there are no liners. The black version is satin finished with a scotchbrite belt and then acid blackened, though the spine and profile around the tang are not a satin finish. The wooden handled knife features stabilized Oregon Maple Burl from Itsaburl in, of all places, Oregon. It’s truly incredible wood and these preliminary images do it no justice at all. The wood was stabilized by K&G, one of the top stabilizers in the world. The blade is a semi-gloss finish well suited to real world use.