Some design sketches

Three concept sketches for new knives.

I regularly play around with ideas on paper, these three are designs I plan to turn into steel. Nothing revolutionary, the top one is an obvious variation of my Lycaon design and the smaller of the other two shows the design’s foundation as a Nubilus. I hadn’t noticed just how much the blade looks like an inverted Nubilus blade, but a nice curve is a nice curve. The larger version takes things into slightly different territory. I’ve been trying to come up with a sleek, slim, elegant but aggressive design for a while but couldn’t quite pin down how I wanted it to look. This is the first idea that made it past the first stages of drawing.

I’m not sure if I’m going to include the finger swell or not. They seem to be a popular design element these days, but they’re not something I’ve ever been a fan of personally. My current plan is to make one smooth and one with the finger swell to start. After a bunch of folks handle it I’ll decide whether to include it by default or just save it as an available option.